The Beaujolais is the only region in this world where to use the only Gamay for the  wine Beaujolais.  
We plant the Gamay in different soil therefore we have different flavour and different type of Beaujolais .
We carry out hand picking our grapes in the peak of the season , and take our grapes entirely for vinification .
As we all know, the picker is one part of the culture of Beaujolais . It is an agreeable moment to discover our vineyard .


Marius Remuet was born in 1924, and he comes from an old wine making family where installed in Corcelles-en-Beaujolais since 16th century.
He contributes his whole life to modernize the vineyard, the methode of the vinification and exploitage 15 hectares for his children. In his family, there is 5 children who work for this field .

I created my own company in 1979. I’ve developed my own way of the sale which to support my independent commerce, has sold directly to the company, wines shop and wines amateur .

janvier 2008 // design : damien remuet
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